Xin Chào
I Love You

Hawai’i, where we come from, is a place of aloha and blessings. It’s a place where we welcome each other with a smile, where we embrace the spirit of ‘ohana (family) and where we celebrate the beauty of life. 
“Ola” means alive or a good wish of health and well-being, and “Hale” means home. In Hawaiian, Ola Hale means a well-being home. To us, Ola Hale Restaurant and Bar is more than a place to eat and drink, it’s a welcoming home to everyone who visits us.
Now you are here, at home.

I am Ola Hale

More than a place, also a feeling.
It’s like basking in the warm sunlight at the courtyard, eyes to eyes confiding with the one you love, sipping on a pleasing cocktail and biting into a juicy cube of red dragon fruit. Surrounded by good company, good food, and good vibes, you’ll feel like you are embracing the whole world in your arms. 
I am everything that reminds you of home – a place filled with love and joy. I am where you feel good to stay and even better to return.


My 'Ohana

A home in Motherland

Coming back to Vietnam is like coming back home to us, as Vietnam is our founder’s Motherland, our roots and our heritage, therefore, we called this restaurant Ola Hale, which means “well-being home” in Hawaiian. 

We wanted to create a space where we could share the warmth, hospitality, and spirit of ‘ohana that we grew up with in Hawai’i, and extend it to the local Vietnamese community. It’s a celebration of both cultures, a fusion of our past and present, and a tribute to the beauty of nature surrounding us. 

Having explored the world with our other F&B and lifestyle concepts in Hawai’i, California, and Singapore, we felt drawn to Vietnam, a place that felt like coming back home. We’re thrilled to be here, to share our experiences and stories, and to connect with all our guests. At Ola Hale, we’re not just serving food and drinks – we’re sharing our hearts and souls, and welcoming you into our home.







Livin’ in the history

When we came to Vietnam, we inadvertently fell in love with the ancient architectural works, imbued with the historical culture of a faraway land. Because of that local culture, we chose Ola Hale's location opposite the special pink church in Saigon - Tan Dinh Church. Synonymous to the name of its color, pink, the church has created a rosy community.






For us, Ola Hale Restaurant and Bar is a meaningful homecoming as we are literally in our hometown, where we were born, and returning to it after exploring the world, this is a true connection. 
Enjoy yourself at home, a home where you feel good to stay and feel even better to return. Aloha, hẹn gặp lại - we can’t wait to see you again!

Cảm Ơn Bạn
I Love You